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Benvenuti a bordo della 500 Arcobaleno, sulla quale potrete fare un giro nel mio blogghino, spulciando tra pensieri, artigianato e passioni di Uapa =^.^=

Welcome aboard the Rainbow 500, in which you can visit my little blog, going through Uapa's thoughts, handicraft and passions


giovedì 24 settembre 2009

> Questo è bello! - That's beautiful!

Voglio un pavone, anzi, tanti pavoni!!!!!

I want a peacock, a lot of peacocks indeed!!!!!

3 commenti:

  1. Peacocks are too noisy, and their noises aren't too beautiful. Get an ostrich...

  2. Italian "Pavone" is like Czech "Páv". H.P. is right, they are noisy little beasts. Have him to send you a handful of peacock feathers, and get a canary. Some of then sing beautifully and don't require as much space as an ostrich. ;o)

  3. Yes, actually they're so beautiful, but when they sing, poor beasts, they make an awful noise XD
    Maybe an ostrich would be too big and canary ehm... Birba would love them too much! ;-D


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