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Benvenuti a bordo della 500 Arcobaleno, sulla quale potrete fare un giro nel mio blogghino, spulciando tra pensieri, artigianato e passioni di Uapa =^.^=

Welcome aboard the Rainbow 500, in which you can visit my little blog, going through Uapa's thoughts, handicraft and passions


giovedì 14 luglio 2011

Chicane, No Ordinary Morning


If there was nothing that I could sayTurned your back and you just walked away
Leaves me numb inside I think of you
Together is all I knew

I would try to turn the hands of time
Is there no light in your heart for me?
You've closed your eyes, you no longer see

1 commento:

Fai sentire la tua voce! O meglio: fai LEGGERE le tue PAROLE! :-)

Let me hear your voice! Or better: let me READ your WORDS! :-)